CCTV Watch-Covid-19 Update

CCTV Watch-Covid-19 Update

Challenges Retailers Are Facing Due To COVID-19:

How to ensure that the temperature of customer and staff entering the store is normal?

How to efficiently maintain the number of people in the store?

How to avoid people gathering?

Customer Flow Control Solution
This solution counts the number of customers inside in real-time. When the number of people exceeds the threshold set by the user, it will remind people to wait outside.

Temp Monitoring Solution
This solution ensures that the temperature of the people entering the area is normal.
It detects body temperature in real-time. When the temperature reaches the threshold, an alert notification will pop on the screen and the sound alarm will be triggered at the same time.

CCTV Watch-Covid-19 Update

CCTV Watch Dublin offer this intelligent dual function dahua cctv camera, it will automatically update and prevent access when the number of people in the office or building reaches the preset level.

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